Event Management

eventFinding the right people to manage sporting events can be difficult. School Sports Officials can assist sports coordinators by providing experienced event conveners & marshals as well as qualified first-aid staff to ensure all events run safely, professionally and on-time.


Convening Services

Large scale sporting events such as round-robin carnivals, events with multiple arenas, or important events like finals play-offs often require capable conveners to manage the day. SSO conveners have experience facilitating a wide range of sports at all levels meaning they’re equipped with the professionalism and skills to run a successful sporting event.

At the operational level, challenges tend to present themselves at the last minute that require the convener to make decisions without fear or favour. SSO conveners are trusted to make the right call in the interests of maximising participation, adhering to safety protocols and promoting fair play and enjoyment.

SSO conveners can be delegated with responsibilities including, but not limited to:

  • Welcome and closing addresses
  • Managing umpires & referees
  • Medal presentations
  • Unlocking and locking facilities
  • Setting up and packing down equipment
  • Altering fixtures and/or game durations
  • Collecting teamsheets
  • Following up on late arriving teams
  • Enforcing rules or by-laws
  • Dealing with team disputes


For more information on our convening services please email info@ssoaustralia.com

Marshalling Services

Guiding the flow of participants, officials and spectators at large-scale events is an important consideration when planning a sports competition. Marshalling services enhance safety and improve logistics at large geographical competitions, events that require participants to be held in particular areas, and events that have a large number of participants.

Marshalling services are recommended for cross country, orienteering, marathons, fun-runs, athletics, swimming carnivals and rowing. Having marshals ‘on the ground’ to assist in any capacity helps deliver a smooth competition day, reducing stress for organisers and participants.

SSO can source as many or as few marshals as required for an event.


For more information on our marshalling services please email info@ssoaustralia.com

Sports Trainer / First-Aid Services

The health & safety of participants at any sporting event is the number 1 priority of SSO. Whilst participating in sport does come with inherent risks, our focus is to create the safest possible environment for players to develop their skills and enjoy healthy competition.

Whether the event is of a competitive or recreational nature, there is always a potential for players to sustain injuries or suffer exercise related illnesses. SSO can provide qualified trainers on location meaning medical issues that arise throughout the event can be attended to immediately.

All SSO sports trainers are screened and appropriately qualified to perform their service on game day. Whilst our minimum requirement is a level 2 first-aid certificate, many of our staff have higher qualifications and experience working in various medical fields. For convenience, all trainers carry their own first-aid kit suited to dealing with sports related injuries and illnesses.


For more information on our sports trainer / first-aid services please email info@ssoaustralia.com

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