Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Sport Staff One?

Sport Staff One (SSO) is a leading provider of umpires/referees, coaches, first aid officers and sport staff to school sport. We’ve been operating for six years and have Australia’s Largest Network of Coaches & Umpires. Our goal is to make it easier for schools to run professional and safe sporting programs – from beginner to the elite level. Not only do we provide accredited sport staff, but we also manage all administration, child-safety checks and invoicing for your convenience.

How many schools use SSO?

SSO operates nationally, servicing over 200 schools and school sport associations across Australia. This year alone we’ve covered over 15,000 school sport appointments.

Where do SSO get their coaches and umpires from?

SSO is a centralised provider of umpires and coaches, meaning we engage with all levels of sport to source qualified and experienced sport staff. Umpires and coaches register with us from state sporting organisations, community leagues, associations, clubs and academies. We then undertake reference checks, WWCC and qualification checks before supplying them to our client schools.

How much notice is required to request coaches, umpires or first aid?

Whilst we appreciate as much notice as possible, SSO can comfortably supply umpires and coaches to fixtures with around 1 weeks’ notice. We can also service last minute requests if someone you’ve organised becomes unavailable. Our best record for finding a referee is just 15 minutes prior to kick off!

What does it cost?

Using Sport Staff One heightens the professionalism of school sport and also reduces administration for schools. You should expect to pay a slightly higher rate per appointment than if you were to engage an individual directly. This covers our overheads and staffing, and enables us to provide a reliable and professional service for schools.

What are the SSO child safety procedures?

All umpires, coaches, first aid officers, conveners and marshals are required to undergo a child-safety check (WWCC) prior to working with us. We also take all sport staff through an induction which highlights our commitment to safety, reporting procedures and code of conduct. Client schools can request a copy of child-safety checks at any time.

What makes SSO different to its competitors?

Sport Staff One is committed to providing outstanding customer service to make it easier to run school sport. We give our clients peace-of-mind through a reliable service, efficient communication, convenient processes and competent sport staff. We’ve invested heavily in technology to streamline processes like client confirmations, SMS reminders and invoicing. We also have a dedicated staff member for every school. We are confident you’ll experience the difference with Sport Staff One.

How does invoicing work?

For convenience, we bulk all requests together in one or two invoices so you don’t have to make multiple payments. We work with you to setup the most convenient way of processing invoices, in line with your schools’ accounts policies.

Do schools need to enter into a contract?

SSO can deliver services under a contractual agreement (e.g. for a full school year) or ad hoc as required. A common approach is to trial SSO for a term and then enter into a contract following the trial period. This also enables us to tailor our service to meet your school’s specific requirements.

Who are School Sports Officials?

Three years ago we underwent a name change from School Sports Officials to Sport Staff One to align with an expansion of services. We wanted to keep our acronym as SSO, so we needed to find another name that fit those letters. Our staff will say to this day it was the hardest task we’ve ever done!